Buster Sword Necklace
Buster Sword Necklace
Buster Sword Necklace

Buster Sword – Sterling Silver Necklace Pendant


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Introducing our all-new Final Fantasy Buster Sword necklace pendant.

Our pendants are produced by a high-tech process called 3D Lost Wax Casting. This process involves 3D Printing a high fidelity wax mould, which is then used to cast a solid silver shape. The wax mould is scraped off by hand revealing the finished shape, which is then hand polished. This process allows use to create jewelry with excellent detail and definition. All of our silver jewelry is manufactured entirely from high grade 925 Sterling silver.

This pendant is based on the Advent Children version of the Buster Sword, and fits any style.

The necklace is offered with a 16 Inch fine silver chain.

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